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about myrth

Myrth is a Boston-based ceramics studio owned by husband and wife, Eric & Abigail Smallwood.

The origin of Myrth began simply as a passion to explore the possibilities of design through a tactile medium and improve our craft.


Our wares are hand-made on the potters wheel by both Abby and Eric. All of our vessels have been meticulously designed on paper, then prototyped on the wheel. We catalog all dimensions of our vessels and then throw to these specs each time we reproduce a vessel. This ensures our product is uniform, but we do take care to preserve signs of our handcraft so each vessels is still unique. 


All Myrth Ceramics are made from a durable porcelain clay. We fire our wares to Cone 10 in our two electric kilns. On occasion we also take part in local wood firings to create some of our art vessels. 


Founder • Designer • Dreamer

Her drive to explore the ‘what ifs’ keep the studio in an exploratory space as her style refines our direction. Abby’s experiences as a product designer, color/material concept designer, and ‘foodie’ inform our product offering and their end uses from floral design to food creation. Her holistic approach to design allows Myrth to fully visualize our products in your life.


Engineer • Designer • Chemist

His drive to improve and resolute nature are instilled in the quality and detail of the products we create as well as the processes by which we construct them. Eric’s experiences as an industrial designer, CAD modeler, and conceptual designer, carry our product ideas to realization and his passionate determination drives our products to be the highest quality.