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119 Braintree Street
Boston, MA, 02134
United States

Our Process

MYRTH specializes in hand crafted porcelain vessels that blend modern design lines with calm, natural inspired finishes. 

Our Inspiration

Nature is by far our strongest influence. Mother Nature creates miraculous colors and textures from which we strive to match in our wares. New England is our home and where we derive most of our visual aesthetic. From the beautiful beaches of Martha’s Vineyard (seen above) to the wooded forests near our home, we love to explore the natural world. Urban nature also influences us. Be it wind-stripped clapboards on a colonial era home or the cracked textures in a sidewalk, it's all in our visual archive for MYRTH. 

myrth | bettysliu-10.jpg

Design for function.

Attention to form and finish comes from our shared educational background of Industrial Design. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail of how a vessel is used, crafting each of our designs with functionality in mind. It is important to us that our wares are both beautiful and practical for your use.  From the slight round on the underside of a handle you find when lifting our pitcher to pour, or to how a spoon may rest in a bowl, we take pause on our design process to address moments of vessel's life like these.  

We strive for our products to be elegantly designed, made from high quality materials, and providing lasting value. However our work is not complete until one final step. Our mentor Darrell Finnegan once told us that a vessel is not finished until it is in its home. This has stuck with us to this day. We truly believe our wares are not complete till they are with you, at home, creating the warmth and mirth of life. 


Handcrafted Process

Our wares are hand-thrown on the potters wheel by both Abby and Eric. All of our vessels have been meticulously designed on paper, then prototyped on the wheel. We catalog all dimensions of our vessels and then throw to these spec's each time we reproduce a vessel. This ensures our product is uniform, but we do take care to preserve signs of our handcraft so each vessels is still unique. 

All MYRTH Ceramics are made from one of two stoneware clays- a smooth cream white or a manganese speckled buff. We fire our wares to Cone 6  in our two electric kilns. On occasion we also take part in local wood firings to create some of our art vessels. 

We create our glazes from scratch, starting from tried and true base recipes and then tinkering with the color or surface finish. This process takes countless glaze micro-batches and innumerable firing tests to produce the results we are after. We are continually retesting our core glazes to ensure consistency and refined finish. Due to this customization MYRTH glazes are truly unique to our studio.